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Q & A

If you'd asked me 2 months ago what Zoom was, I'd have said the name of an 80s song! But now it's the word on everyone's lips because it's the latest app that's taken the world by storm. It's software that allows you to meet up with a group of people, whether that's for a meeting, a chat or a class. It's been an amazing lifeline during the coronavirus lockdown in that it's enabled many people to stay connected in ways we'd never imagined before. But, as with most things tech-related, it can be daunting and I want to lay those fears to rest! Plus, I've got some fabulous people out there who are able to help. One has produced some notes (see button below) and another is willing to talk anyone through getting set up (contact me for his email address or you'll find it in the May Update)!


I've been teaching a weekly dance class on Zoom and whilst there were a few teething problems, it's now going really well and what's more, everyone is having fun - seeing familiar faces and new ones and getting to dance! Who knew you could teach a whole dance routine in not much more than 1.5 square metres? That's pretty much the space I'm dealing with in my study - but amazingly, it's working. I would love it if more of you wanted to join the class, so if you're tempted, please do read on.

Q: What do I need?


A: Well basically any device such as a computer, tablet or phone with a camera. The screen on a phone is not that big and would be hard to follow in a class, so basically a computer or tablet is your best bet.



Q: Do I need to download the app?


A: Not if you're using a computer or tablet! You can simply access the Zoom website via your internet browser. One of my ladies has produced a very short simple guide and you can read it by clicking on the button below. If you'd like to try joining my Zoom class, all you'll need is the meeting ID number and the password and you're away! It really is that straight forward.

Zoom Instructions

Q: Can I try the Zoom class out before paying for the block?


A: Yes! I fully appreciate you'll want to see how you get on. So, it you want to do a trial run and pay just for one class, that's fine. Just let me know, I'll give you the details and after the Zoom Dance Class you can decide if you wish to continue or not. If you have credit with me already, I can simply deduct the £5 for the class from this.



Q: What if I don't do online banking, so can't easily pay?


A: Not a problem, either I'll deduct the amount for the class from your credit, or just make a note that you'll pay in due course. If you decide to do a block and more than just the one class, then you can consider the other payment options, like paying by cheque or PayPal.



Q: What if I normally attend a dance fitness class, can I still attend the dance class?


A: Yes! Anyone is welcome, even if you've not attended my dance class before. You'll learn a whole routine in the hour's session and we have time to dance it all the way through to music twice at the end.



Q: Will you be doing a daytime class, as that would suit me better?


A: At the moment, the majority of my current Zoom attendees are available in the evenings, so I will only consider offering a daytime class if the number of people using Zoom increases and the demand is there.



Q: Will you be doing a fitness class via Zoom?


A: Probably not, but it's not a definite no! As I'm limited with space in my study, it would be very difficult to take a whole fitness class in that confined space. My living room has much more room, which is why the video is a much better option for that class. When I've attempted to do the Zoom class from my living room I'm too far away from my router - the signal is poor, affecting both audio and visual quality, which means it's not a viable option (see Troubleshooting - General for more info on router issues). However, as indicated above, if the number of people using Zoom increases and the demand is there for a fitness class I might consider it, especialy if it seems likely that classes won't be resuming at venues during the summer.

Weekly Zoom Dance Class is Tuesdays from 6.30-8pm

(actual class is 6.45-7.45pm)

I've added some other useful info about Zoom and some of its settings in the Troubleshooting (General) page under the Materials section above.