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The YouTube Dance Class will almost have the same format as the Zoom Dance Class, with the exception that there will be no warm up, stretching and cool down included in the video. This isn't because it's not important prior to and after the class. It's merely because I've already posted free videos relating to warm up and cool down on my YouTube Channel. Other than this, the complete class will be included in the video, including one run through at the end. However, I will post a separate short video of just the run through to music, so if you wish to revisit the routine later, you can dance it again without having to go through all the teaching elements of the class.


I ought to point out, for those used to attending the Dance Class at my regular weekly venues, I will be facing the camera and not have my back to you whilst dancing, which means I'll be dancing in mirror to you. This may seem tricky to start with, but hopefully will get easier. Plus you can always replay a portion of the video if needed to help you learn the steps.

The YouTube Videos are part of an Online Package that you can sign up to for 7 weeks. You can choose whether you'd like to do the Dance Class videos or the Dance Fitness Videos, or you can combine and do both (see separate page for Costs).


Please note, if you've already been doing the Online Package with me during the coronavirus lockdown, there is no more new material, so this option is only for those who have not yet taken part.



This is a combination of the FitSteps and Dance Fit Classes I usually teach. It covers 6 different dance styles and you'll get 8 tracks to dance along to. Just like the YouTube Dance Class video it won't included the warm up, stretching and cool down as there are already these videos posted on my YouTube Channel. The session lasts about 50 mins, however, I'll be creating the videos in two parts, which will easily follow on from one another if you want the complete class, but equally, could be danced separately (approx. 25 mins each). And, for those of you who prefer the shorter fitness videos, I'll share a couple of the routines from the longer video in shorter ones so you can make up your own workout.