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This class currently has ONE SPACE for any new people wishing to join.

Please contact me to sign-up to this class.

Wednesdays • 10-11am

"Since joining Lisa's Dance Fit class nearly two years ago, a decade-old back injury which caused intermittent problems and pain has not recurred once! My back is stronger and more flexible, my overall fitness levels much higher and I've lost weight too.


Her well-run classes are a great mix of styles and music, with a diversity of choreography making it a workout for the brain too! They are the highlight of my week.


I  always come home feeling ten years younger, two inches taller, positive, energised and happy. I even changed my shifts at work so I could attend more classes!"


Margaret, Storrington


If you attend multiple classes select the 'Multiple Classes' sub-menu under the 'Costs and Dates' heading above.

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If you wish to pay for the whole term at the start of the term, you can combine your two payments. You don't save money this way but it does mean you can get the payment out of the way.



Spring 2: 6 WEEK BLOCK: Wednesday 18th March to Wednesday 22nd April



You will need to pay for the new block of classes at the end of the previous block. If you need to wait and pay at the first class of the new block for some reason, you must let me know in advance whether you are returning and on what basis. You may also pay for the whole term in advance, if you wish to.


Click on button to right to see full details on the pre-pay system and costs. However, new people joining the class for the first time can take advantage of the special offer.



Spring 1 (7 weeks)

Full Block - £35.00 (all 7 classes)

Part Block 4 - £24.00 (any 4 out of the 7 classes)

Part Block 3 - £18.00 (any 3 out of the 7 classes)

Drop-in - £7.00 (by request only)


Spring 2 (6 weeks)

Full Block - £30.00 (all 6 classes)

Part Block 4 - £24.00 (any 4 out of the 6 classes)

Part Block 3 - £18.00 (any 3 out of the 6 classes)

Drop-in - £7.00 (by request only)


If you wish to attend more than 4 weeks but don't wish to pay for the Full Block in advance, then you can pay the drop-in price for any additional classes after you've attended your pre-paid sessions.


For the moment this venue is still open and the class is still running,

albeit with reduced numbers. If you wish to join the class you must sign-up.


Updated: 5.30pm 20/3/20